Even if You Pass You’ll Get No Plaque for Your Efforts [guest contribution!]

Thanks Math® for showing us who’s floss.


Sometimes you mix up “doing your best” with “looking your best”.

January 6, 2019. New Jersey.

Holiday Surprise

Sometimes at Aldi® your horror movie plot device just gets away from you.

September 13, 2018. Maryland.

Ok, so while this is from September, the title is “Holiday Surprise” because I’m posting it near Christmas and it looks like a Christmas gift bag and STOP JUDGING ME ALREADY.


November 30, 2018. Maryland.

Socks of Denmark 5

Sometimes near the Ryparken s-tog stop your black work sock just gets away from you.



July 15, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Socks of Denmark 1

Sometimes near passport control at the Copenhagen Airport your Kappa sock just gets away from you.

IMG_3851 (1)IMG_3852

July 8, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark.