Sock [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Crazy Art Teacher. You’re a true believer.

IMG_7267 (1)

IMG_7268 (1)

March 25, 2016. Dumont, NJ

Brushing Up On The Best Sellers List [“guest blogger” contribution!]

Thanks to Math® for knowing the mission (!) and for capturing this delightful gem.

Sometimes while checking out the journals and diaries at Barnes and Noble® your toothbrush just gets away from you.


March 26, 2017. Hackensack, NJ.

Such a Wet Blanket

Sometimes near the wall of the Lan Su Chinese Garden® your cozy fleece blanket just gets away from you.


March 18, 2017. Portland, Oregon.

Please Comb to the Lobby

Sometimes in the fancy hotel lobby your not-so-fancy comb just gets away from you.



March 17, 2017. Portland, Oregon.

I Hate to Eat and Run

Sometimes in the sad, empty Sears® at the sad, empty mall, your sad, empty orange Fanta® cans and Chile Limón flavored Doritos® Dinamita®  wrapper just get away from you.



March 15, 2017. Portland, Oregon.