Whip it Good

Sometimes in the classroom your whip just gets away from you.

September 27, 2018. Maryland.

Do I Have to Draw You a Picture?

Sometimes when taking a quiz your answers that start as complete sentences turn into a drawing of a dog. At least I THINK that drawing is of a dog.

IMG_9716 (1)

By the Seat of Your Pants [“guest blogger” contribution]

Thanks, Crazy Art Teacher! You never fail.

Sometimes in middle school even when it’s not snowing your snow pants just get away from you and onto the back of a chair.

IMG_6939 (1)

March 22, 2017. New Jersey.

Bad Hair Day [guest contribution!]

Sometimes in middle school a lock of your hair just gets away from you during art class.

Thanks to The Crazy Art Teacher for this gem.



January 11, 2016. New Jersey.

You Want Fries with That?

Sometimes at college your french fry pen and composition notebook get away from you and into the professors’ desk*.



*no single professor owns this desk and therefore it has become a black hole, collecting student and faculty items left in the classroom.

November 15, 2016. Maryland.