I’m a Sucker for Hamlet

Sometimes at Kronborg* Castle your binky just get away from you.

*that’s Hamlet’s Castle, people.

July 14, 2018. Helsingør, Denmark.

Suck in a Tree [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Young Skywalker I. Keep branching out.


Sometimes on a hike your pacifier just gets away from you.

September 30, 2018. New Zealand.

Socks of Denmark 4

Sometimes on Frederiksborggade your small striped sock just gets away from you.



July 15, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Socks of Denmark 2

Sometimes near Gammel Strand your sock just gets away from you.



July 8, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark

A Little, Lost

Sometimes at the Emdrup train station your vintage Fisher-Price Little People® boy just gets away from you.



July 9, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark.