Shorts Story

Sometimes at commuter college your shorts just get away from you and onto a post.

August 6, 2019. Maryland.

Down a Snack Before Class

Sometimes in the elevator at college you tire of your single-serve size of Cheddar Jalapeño CHEETOS® and leave them for someone else because it would be too much effort to throw them in one of the trash cans outside the doors on every floor.

May 15, 2019. Maryland.

Take Your Pic [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Slee, for picking this winner.


Sometimes on a bench on campus your hair pic just gets away from you.

April 12, 2019. Maryland.

Whip it Good

Sometimes in the classroom your whip just gets away from you.

September 27, 2018. Maryland.

Are You Combing to Class Today?

October 8, 2018. Maryland.