Comb and Gone

Sometimes at the Tesco® your comb just gets away from you then gets driven over multiple times.



April 3, 2018. London.

Emurgent from the Rubble [guest contribution!]

Sometimes your warning sticker loses its grip and therefore its purpose.

Thanks to Nicola for pressing this on me.


May 22, 2017. The UK.

The Crap People Leave on the Side of the Road [guestS contribution!]

Thanks to Mark L. from Kentucky for this gem. It might be my favorite of all time.

Sometimes on the highway in Pennsylvania your portable medical toilet chair just gets away from you.


Aug. 3, 2011. Somewhere in Western PA.


Thanks to Sara K from the UK for the follow-up addition.

Sometimes in a field you just must leave a toilet under a tree.


Spring 2016. Near Warwick, England.