Smoke Your Socks [guest contribution!]

Thanks Dr. Jeff for imagining that the correlation between these items and their location was a stoner party.

Sometimes at a Dunkin’ Donuts® your lighter and one sock get away from you.





June 2, 2018. Maryland

Comb and Gone

Sometimes at the Tesco® your comb just gets away from you then gets driven over multiple times.



April 3, 2018. London.

Sock: Footie Edition [guest contribution!]

Thank you to Kevin H. for getting your footie in the door.


September 4, 2017. Burtonsville, MD.

I Dropped Off My Application Today [guest contribution!]

Thank you, Jennifer, for applying yourself.

Sometimes in the parking lot your tampon applicator just gets away from you.


August 14, 2017. Florida.

The Bottom Fell Out [guest contribution!]

Thanks to Laura and Sammy for not letting this one slip through the cracks.

Sometimes on the sidewalk your underpants/swim suit bottoms just get away from you.

Photo 1

Photo 2

July 29, 2017. Columbia, Maryland.