Keeping Score

Thanks to eagle-eyed Frangipani for noticing this. You’re on par with the best.

Sometimes in April your Christmas list/golf score card just gets away from you.



April 29, 2017. Maryland.


Below Deck

Sometimes at a heavy metal concert you need to behave oddly before crawling under the deck of the bar for no reason the other concert-goers who see you can figure out.



April 28, 2017. Maryland.

Toilet Ring

Sometimes at a heavy metal concert your light metal ring gets away from you and onto the disgusting floor in the ladies room.



April 28, 2017. Maryland.

Smashmouth [guest contribution!]

Thanks to Mark in KY for passing this along from Rob in IN. You fellas are the floss to life’s plaque.

Sometimes on the corner of Bank and Market your dental model just gets away from you.


April 29, 2017. New Albany, IN.