I’m a Sucker for Hamlet

Sometimes at Kronborg* Castle your binky just get away from you.

*that’s Hamlet’s Castle, people.

July 14, 2018. Helsingør, Denmark.

Suck in a Tree [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Young Skywalker I. Keep branching out.


Sometimes on a hike your pacifier just gets away from you.

September 30, 2018. New Zealand.

Crying in the Rain [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Crazy Art Teacher. You’re no dummy.

Sometimes in the parking lot your binky just gets away from you.IMG_9063

IMG_9064 (1)

May 13, 2017. Exton, PA.

Smashmouth [guest contribution!]

Thanks to Mark in KY for passing this along from Rob in IN. You fellas are the floss to life’s plaque.

Sometimes on the corner of Bank and Market your dental model just gets away from you.


April 29, 2017. New Albany, IN.

Let’s Get One Thing Straight

Sometimes while walking to/from class your Invisalign® aligner just gets away from you.



January 31, 2017. Maryland.