Socks of Denmark 2

Sometimes near Gammel Strand your sock just gets away from you.



July 8, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark

Socks of Denmark 1

Sometimes near passport control at the Copenhagen Airport your Kappa sock just gets away from you.

IMG_3851 (1)IMG_3852

July 8, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Drop Tröu

Sometimes in Malmö, Sweden your underpants just get away from you.



July 16, 2018. Sweden.

A Little, Lost

Sometimes at the Emdrup train station your vintage Fisher-Price Little People® boy just gets away from you.



July 9, 2018. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dead Ball [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Kevin H, for making this catch.

I can’t think of anything better than what I got as a message with this submission:

“When out walking, I dramatically avoided the large piece of dog poop only to realize it’s a small football on the side of the road.”


IMG_0354 (1)

June 20, 2018. Maryland.