Sometimes near a local museum that never seems to be open your black polka-dotted glove just gets away from you.

March 16, 2019. Maryland.

Are You Combing to Class Today?

October 8, 2018. Maryland.


November 30, 2018. Maryland.

Socks of Denmark 7

Sometimes at the Arken Museum of Modern Art your sock just gets away from you an nearly into the drink.



July 17, 2018. Ishøj, Denmark.


Dead Ball [guest contribution!]

Thanks, Kevin H, for making this catch.

I can’t think of anything better than what I got as a message with this submission:

“When out walking, I dramatically avoided the large piece of dog poop only to realize it’s a small football on the side of the road.”


IMG_0354 (1)

June 20, 2018. Maryland.